The Spirit of the Bauhaus
comic book (story, illustrations & design)

About the Project

“The Spirit of the Bauhaus captures the enormous impact of the Bauhaus school and movement on art, design, architecture and the daily lives of generations, guided by The Spirit, main character in the story, beside Otti Berger, Gustav Bohutinsky and Ivana Tomljenović-Meller. "The Spirit of the Bauhaus it’s not a traditional comic book; it is not particularly easy to read, should not be read quickly, and is not just for fun. Instead, it demands attention and makes readers discover more, browse, stop at one page, and then turn back to another.

The title of the book conceals an ambiguity on which the author builds the multidimensional story throughout the following seventy pages. At one level, the book provides the basic facts – the history of the school, its most important principles, ideas, methods, and so on – while at another, Klasja’s fiction enriches it with a sense of play, riddle and dreaming, evoking short episodes from life in and around the school, as real testimonies are combined with imagined moments. The pages and centerfolds make it feel like a comic book, or perhaps a picture book, a set of info-graphics, or a textbook. All the parts flow smoothly, meaningfully, and truthfully." — Marko Golub

Published by Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia, in English & Croatian

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