Artistic intervention

About the Project

The artistic intervention was presented on the construction tarp surrounding the Art Pavilion building, which is currently closed for renovation. Digital drawings “bring to life” photographs by Sanja Bistričić Srića that show the interior in a specific state, infused with construction materials and works, somewhat detached from its reality. With the added layer that the drawings provide, the interior becomes a background for the imaginary and interpretative. The drawn motifs are familiar and friendly, bringing the Pavilion closer to a wider, younger audience and encouraging interaction. In the final stage of the project, the tarps became a foundation for new artistic layers as part of art workshops. Ultimately, pencil cases were made from digitally and manually drawn on tarps, which were then distributed to participants and guests.

Art Pavilion Zagreb, October 13th — 31st 2023

Curator: Ivana Meštrov

Photography: Sanja Bistričić Srića & Ivan Buvinić

Collaborators: Ministry of Culture, Humananova, Zagreb Tourist Board

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