Klasja Habjan

Klasja Habjan (Zagreb, 1993) is an illustrator, a graphic designer, and a writer.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude at the School of Design in Zagreb where she majored in Visual Communications (2016). She received the School of Design’s Annual Award for her project Notepad ‘Unblock’: a notepad for drawing, writing and research (2013/2014). She was selected as one of ten Croatian illustrators whose artwork was included in the catalogue Illustrators from Croatia/ Illustrateurs de Croatie (Mala Zvona, Zagreb, 2020).

Her affinity for illustrating her stories (or, the other way around, for accompanying her graphic templates with writing) and combining both mediums characterizes her solo exhibitions (Pieces, Šira Gallery Zagreb, 2019, and Finally, somebody!, Rigo Gallery, Novigrad, 2020). She written and illustrated The Spirit of the Bauhaus (MSU, Zagreb, 2020) and she illustrated a children’s book Piccola con Piccolo by Bruno Mezić (Mala Zvona, 2020).

Together with Zita Nakić, Klasja opened a design studio klasja&zita (www.klasjazita.com) which often engages in the field of culture and participates in various group exhibitions with publications, posters, and visual identities.