About the Project

The dissolution of pastels in water is the technique through which the exhibited collages were created. They represent surrendering to the spontaneous creative process and self-reflection. With larger formats and pronounced colors, through their overflowing compositions they convey intense emotional states such as euphoria, destruction, or lucidity. They were created intuitively, as personal records of time, and together with poetry written on the gallery wall they form a whole.

"The sketches in work notebooks and poetic thoughts combined with the collages complete the entirety of self-reflective observation through phases that, like the creation of collages, highlight the author's thematic repertoire in multiple layers of the working process, as well as the interweaving of multiple modes of her expression and a propensity for experimentation. The ease of expression and conciseness arise from personal observations, in carefreeness and playfulness, but also from questioning the essential and in the search for creative stimuli not only from sources in the immediate environment but also more broadly." — Nevenka Šarčević, exhibition curator (from the preface to "The Ease of Unrestrained")

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