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After the exhibition at Šira Gallery (Zageb, 2019), collection of monoprint graphics, short stories and poems under the same title Pieces was published as part of Petikat Art Workshop (2020). The idea to illustrate stories and poems came from questioning the equality of narrative potentials in both text and image; the possibility of complementing each other within a unit, versus the clashes that can create room for new interpretations. Both mediums, regardless of shared thematic boundaries, retain their own independent space. They are both connected by the same key motives and emotions emphasized by the impressions of isolation, but their purpose is not in the function of a classic story or a traditional combination of text and illustration, yet in the possibility of emotion or thought, even if negative, to find its space and beauty.

„Intimate thoughts are degraded and deprived of significance, lest they become vain or larger than themselves; therefore, they are addressed precisely at themselves. I would opine that the image and text are wholly autonomous in approaching their predetermined goal, making use of identical associative levers. One even might claim that they are almost equals in responsibility to the criteria of their respective media. Concurrently, a precise balance between words, imagery, and concept declares each of these three dimensions as important as the other. Curious as it might seem that the same person be held accountable for standards so highly set amongst each of the three individual categories, it is, in fact, even more difficult to consider that, given the overall sense of a compact whole conditioned by their level of interwovenness, there ever could be more than one.“ — Boris Greiner (Osvojena područja, Volumen 7, Dossier 19/Conquered areas, Vol. 7, Dossier 19, December 2019)

Printed in limited edition. Languages: Croatian (original) / English (translation) Publisher: Petikat art workshop, Paper: Munken Print Cream, Softcover, 60 pages

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