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Darklets / Tminice (original title) — "In this picture book awarded Croatian author Igor Rajki, deals with a contemporary issue – the issue of the excessive presence of electronic devices and their screens in our everyday life. An enchanting phenomenon occurs at the end of the day, in closed spaces, when darkness begins to descend from the ceiling and rise from the floor; the darknesses embrace each other and during their game they create small playful sprouts, so called darklets. The literary story about darklets is narrated in another, visual language by Klasja Habjan. She creates impressive, secretive life in spaces on the edge between night and day, spaces inhabited by fleeting human and animal figures, fragments of objects and fragments of their interactions; she does this with extraordinary inventiveness, on a very high aesthetic level, making this book attractive not only for reading but also for (repeated) viewing..."

Sheep in the Box Award 2023. (Croatian Picture Book of the Year Award)

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